2014 Geneva Auto Show gleaming with shiny new cars

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Wow, even though the car is parked, it still looks like it’s moving really fast.

The Geneva Auto Show is one of the largest car conventions, and it’s famous for debuting the  latest automobile models, car concepts, and cutting-edge tech. Ever since the first show opened in 1905, it has drawn hundreds of thousands of people. This year, the Geneva Auto Show is running from March 6-16, and is looking to wow the socks off everyone’s gas-pumping feet.

Italian luxury car company Maserati, which just celebrated its 100th anniversary, will be displaying their new concept car at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show. This incredibly beautiful and futuristic machine is named the Alfieri, honoring the man who founded the company in 1914 – Alfieri Maserati. It has a shimmering metallic silver body and tasteful curves that make the car easy on the eyes. Don’t let Alfieri’s beauty blind you from its power, however. Directly under the streamlined hood lies a V8 engine – an engine with 8 internal chambers in the shape of the letter “V” – that’s capable of a mighty 460 horsepower. Basically, it’s as strong as 460 galloping horses!

If you think the Maserati V8 is cool, the V10 engine from the new Lamborghini Huracán (“hurricane” in Spanish) will seem ridiculously powerful. The 610 horsepower in this mechanical monster can accelerate the car from 0-63 mph in just over 3 seconds! Give it another 7, and it’ll hit 124 mph, until it finally maxes out at 201 mph. With that kind of speed, the driver will hardly have time to enjoy the digital dashboard that looks straight out of the Need for Speed Rivals video game.

Some of the other cars that have been demanding all the attention include the Audi TT, Ferrari California T, and the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider.

Images courtesy of Geneva Motor Show.