2014 MTV Movie Awards highlights and winners

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

MTV Movie Awards image
Had it been any other award show, we would have been scared of an audience wearing ski masks, but Twenty One Pilots definitely pulled it off.

Growing up, there was no better TV event than the MTV Movie Awards. Not even winning a Nickelodeon blimp from the Teen Choice Awards could compare to winning MTV’s iconic metallic bowl of popcorn! In the eyes of every teenager, you weren’t a celebrity worth watching if you didn’t place as MTV’s best actor or actress.

Anyways, this year the MTV Movie Awards had amazing celebrity performances and appearances. To start the show, host Conan O’Brien had a medley of famous friends appear in his introduction video. The crowd went wild as the number of Hollywood stars and starlets rose to 50 in his very short clip! How he managed to fit so many in that amount of time is a mystery, but if anyone has the power to do it, it’s talk show comic legend O’Brien.

Rihanna and Eminem performed their hit single “The Monster,” but it was the new up and coming band, Twenty One Pilots, that stole the show. Not only were their vocals on point, but they had the majority of the audience wear ski masks to fit the theme of their song.

As for the winners, Zac Efron caused quite the frenzy when he won “Best Shirtless Performance!” Sure, we’d love to talk more about Efron, but the real attention should be on the winners of best performance! Both Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, who are the leads in “Movie of the Year” winner Hunger Games: Catching Fire, took the stage to accept their awards as MTV’s “Best Male and Female Performance.”

To end the show, Jordana Brewster introduced the tear-inducing tribute to her Fast & Furious coworker, Paul Walker, who passed away a few months ago. “He was humble, he thought about others. Whether you knew Paul for five minutes or were a close friend, he made you feel like the most important person in the world,” said Brewster.

Featured image courtesy of Conan O’Brien Twitter. Image of Twenty One Pilots courtesy of MTV Twitter.