2015 Detroit Auto Show highlights

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Chevrolet’s Bolt can go 200 miles without gas!

If you loved the futuristic cars at the Consumer Electronics Show 2 weeks ago, then I hope you checked out the 2015 Detroit Auto Show! The latest supercars, hybrids, trucks, and electrics were on display, with sleek curves, shiny exteriors, and rocket-charged interiors.

One of the hottest cars at the show was Ford’s GT supercar, which looks like a crazy Lamborghini from space! This is the third generation of Ford’s supercar, has gorgeous carbon fiber all over the place, and roars with a monster twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine.

If you prefer geeky cars over sporty ones, Chevrolet’s electric Bolt concept car has a 200-mile range without gas and will likely cost around $30,000, which is pretty reasonable for an ultra battery-powered car.

Then, Audi’s Q7 SUV got things bumpin’ with a ridiculous 3D sound system that blasted people’s ears off like they were in the middle of an IMAX movie! Speed, toughness, and surround sound? Rock on.

Featured image courtesy of Audi USA Facebook. Image of Bolt courtesy of North American International Auto Show Facebook.