20th Century Fox developing kid-friendly superhero movies

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Whiz-Kid. I’m sure he wasn’t inspired at all by DC’s Flash…

You’d think that because superheroes are so popular among kids, somebody would have thrown money at a movie series about superhero kids by now, right?

Well, never fear, because 20th Century Fox is here and they’re joining superpowered forces with comic book writing master Mark Millar…

Wait, what?

Yes, the guy who’s usually writing the more adult comic material like Wanted apparently has a softer, kid-friendly side to his creativity!

The live-action flick will be written by Carter Blanchard and produced by Simon Kinberg, the screenwriter of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. Millar says, “This is all looking very cool indeed.”

If you’ve never heard of Kindergarten Heroes before, that’s because the original comic – drawn and co-owned by Curtis Tiegs – hasn’t even been published yet! Talk about making waves way ahead of time.

Millar talked about working with Curtis, explaining, “Curt and I finished it a year and a half ago or more but we’re working on sequels and will release once we have at least a couple more books. We’d like to launch a bunch of these at the same time and have a little set kids can buy when they pick up the first one.”

Images courtesy of Mark Millar and Curtis Tiegs.