$3.2 million “Diamond Armor” suit fit for a hero

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

gold tie
This is the world’s first permanently gold fabric. Since the value of gold is on the rise, the tie will just continue growing pricier!

When billionaire Bruce Wayne isn’t busy fighting crime as Batman, he can probably be found flaunting a well-tailored business suit, and an expensive one at that. Well, the suit-making company SuitArt is channelling their inner superhero with the Diamond Armor – a suit that’s bulletproof, studded with expensive gems, and air-conditioned.

The $3.2 million outfit comes with 660 black diamonds sewn into the lapels (flaps) of the jacket, and another 220 studded ones on the steel buttons, for a grand blingin’ total of 880 precious gems.

If that’s not luxurious enough for you, the Diamond Armor’s gold-colored silk tie is actually made out of 24 carat gold! It can be bent, folded, and washed without any worry of losing a single speck of the yellow metal, too.

All those fancy features might make someone sweat with excitement, but fear not; the super clothing also comes with an air conditioning unit built right into it. The system can be activated at the push of a button and uses moisturized air for maximum freshness. Plus, since the Diamond Armor repels dirt and water, the supersuit hardly ever needs to be washed.

As for the “armor”, the suit’s able to resist bullets from handguns such as pistols and even mighty Magnums! Why would the creators make the suit bulletproof? It’s not entirely clear outside of luxury and class, but if you ask me, I’d say SuitArt has a client named Bruce Wayne.

Images courtesy of SuitArt.