30 years of Apple’s Macintosh

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

The Mac’s certainly come a long way!

Apple celebrated the 30th anniversary of their first Macintosh computer last Friday, showcasing 3 decades of innovative firsts on their website with interactive timelines and rave customer reviews. The first Mac, called the Macintosh 128K, came out on January 24, 1984 with a 9-inch display, floppy disk drive, and 128KB of memory. In the years that followed, Apple gave computer titan IBM and rival Microsoft a run for their money, reinventing itself and the industry along the way.

Macs were the first computers to offer a graphical user interface with clickable menus and icons to run programs. Apple also set industry standards like customizable fonts, the trash can for file deletion, and easy publishing tools. This might sound silly, but before Macs, computers didn’t have TV-like display monitors projecting graphics on a screen! By the early 90s, popular digital art programs like Photoshop and Kid Pix had been developed on Macs.

The mega genius behind Apple, Steve Jobs, was a force to be reckoned with, demanding perfection. Now, everything from entertainment marvels to hard science breakthroughs have been made possible with Apple’s legendary tech.

Images courtesy of Apple.