3D-scanned Olympians get fitted like superheroes

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Bauer skates
The light skates will allow players to move much faster on the ice.

Hockey equipment company Bauer has designed high-tech uniforms to make athletes move faster than ever before. By 3D scanning bodies and sculpting lightweight material, the company can custom design uniforms to perfectly fit an individual’s body. They have spent at least one million dollars on six professional hockey players and plan to debut the outfits at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Bauer’s skates have super light blade holders, and according to the company, they should amount to 1,000 pounds less lift weight on the ice. Their goalie pads are made out of a combination of compressed foam and leather, which will make them really light. The overall reduced weight on the uniforms will not only allow athletes to move faster, it will also take less of a toll on their stamina. So far, the tech is too advanced to use on anyone but professionals, however, the company plans to make their gear available to more people eventually.

Featured image courtesy of BauerHockey1927 on YouTube. Image of ice skate courtesy of Bauer.