4,600-year-old Egyptian pyramid uncovered

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

There have been several other structures found that are similar to the newly discovered one. Are others hidden beneath the sands?

Archaeologists have uncovered a 4,600-year-old pyramid in Egypt. It is nearly identical to 6 other recently discovered pyramids as well. All of them have similar dimensions, no inner chambers, and none were used as royal burial sites like the more popular pyramids of Giza.

The newly discovered structure stands at a height of 16 feet. However, researchers believe that it was originally over 40 feet high before looters and weather shortened it over time.

Although no one can actually prove its purpose, some experts believe the pyramid was used as a place to sell food, or as a monument to Egyptian royalty. One thing that seems clear is that these pyramids were abandoned shortly after they were built to focus on the mega Giza pyramids.

Images courtesy of University of Chicago Oriental Institute.