A Sound of Music TV show?

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

sound of music underwood
Carrie Underwood strikes Maria von Trapp’s signature pose.

The hills are alive with the sound of Carrie Underwood’s singing! The country singer will take center stage as the lead character, Maria von Trapp, in NBC’s TV production, The Sound of Music Live! So, you may be familiar with Julie Andrew’s five-time Oscar award winning movie adaptation, but the NBC three-hour production is based on the Rogers and Hammerstein musical that ran on Broadway!

In the musical, Maria is a young nun who is sent to home school Captain Von Trapp’s seven children while he is away at war. Unfortunately, the kids are dead set on making her life impossible, because they miss their father. Maria, however, is not bothered by the children’s impolite antics and eventually gains their respect and love. While the captain is away on a trip, she teaches the children to sing and enjoy life so that they can surprise their father when he returns home. However, Nazi soldiers are closing in on the family and threatening the poor Captain’s life!

So, who else is joining Underwood in NBC’s must see show of the year? Well, True Blood actor Stephen Moyer will star as play Captain von Trapp with Broadway veteran Laura Benanti as Elsa Schrader, the Captain’s fiancée.

Wow! This already brings back childhood memories. I remember watching the film, and anxiously awaiting my sixteen birthday to sing the classic “Sixteen Going on Seventeen.” Thank you NBC for bringing the joy of Broadway to my TV screen! The musical will air live December 5.

Images courtesy of The Sound of Music Facebook.