“Aca-awesome” Pitch Perfect sequel in the making

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Back in April, Universal Pictures announced that a sequel to “Pitch Perfect” was in the works. At the Sunday Aug 11 Teen Choice Awards, the cast of “Pitch Perfect” let us in on a few of their predictions and sequel wishes.

Skylar Astin, who played the main love interest in “Pitch Perfect” said, “I want everyone to go abroad. I want the whole thing to be international just so we can film in a really cool location, but also, I think it would be really cool to see different countries’ perspective on a cappella. I think that would be really awesome. Because what do you do after you win nationals? You go international. That’s my pitch.”

When MTV caught up with co-star Adam DeVine, who played Treblemaker leader Bumper, he told us all about his ideas, too. “I pitched to Kay Cannon, who wrote the movie and is writing the second one as well, that I want to come back as a K-pop star,” he said. “Like, maybe it didn’t work in America, so I went over to Korea and just blew up. So, we’ll see if she took that to heart and wrote it in the next script.”

To get us even more crazy excited, Hana Mae Lee, who played the excessively quiet Barden Bella Lilly, told us her own predictions. “You can go so many places. I can go over to K-pop or J-Pop, and Rebel can go to Australia, and all just battle each other worldwide. But we’ll see what happens. They’re working on it.”

Aca-scuse me? Are we reading this correctly? Because if we are, an international “Pitch Perfect” may just be the movie we never knew we wanted. Though it’s not set to be released until 2015 (darn it), you can bet we’re crazy excited for the ladies and gentlemen of Barden University to hit the stage again.