Adorable red panda twins born

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

red pandas
I’m melting from the adorableness.

Two baby red panda twins were recently born at the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand! Sadly, these little cubs are part of an endangered species whose population is fading fast. So, their birth is extra special, because they represent hope that the tide can be turned. Their parents are 4-year-old mother Bo and 13-year-old father Sagar, and the little tikes also have an older brother named Pabu. Why don’t the twins have names? Well, scientists won’t be able to determine whether they’re a boy or a girl until March.

The sweet little cubs will remain with mama Bo at Auckland Zoo before being sent to another zoo better suited for their care.

While zoos are sometimes criticized for keeping animals in cages, they are often involved in making sure endangered species don’t fade away. Auckland Zoo supports the Red Panda Network, which educates communities on saving red pandas and promotes forest guardianship in eastern Nepal, which is crucial red panda territory.

Images courtesy of Auckland Zoo.