AIRO wristband keeps track of everything you eat

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

AIRO sleep
Besides food, AIRO also monitors how much deep restful sleep you get every night.

A great way to maintain a healthy diet is to keep a food diary, where you track your daily meals by writing them down. Let’s be honest though, it’s very tedious work that takes a ton of time and energy.

If that’s how you feel, might I interest you in a clever wristband called AIRO, which keeps track of your meals with a single sensor?

AIRO is what’s known as an activity tracker, monitoring a person’s individual habits. In this case, the wristband is equipped with a spectrometer – a fancy device used to measure light.

When AIRO shines a beam of light into the wrist, it can uniquely interact with nutrients that float around in the bloodstream after a meal, like carbohydrates, fat, and proteins. According to AIRO Health, the company that created the clever gadget, “This allows AIRO to measure caloric intake and even the quality of meals consumed, providing recommendations on ways to improve nutrition.”

However, according to Michelle MacDonald, a clinical dietitian at National Jewish Health hospital in Denver, these recommendations may not be all that reliable. “Most of the nutrients in the foods you eat are absorbed by the gut, then sent to the liver first and foremost through the portal vein for absorption and processing,” she explains. “What ends up in your wrist is a distant remnant of what is absorbed from your meal.” In addition, the spectrometers will have to be relatively cheap for people to buy, so the sensors will need to be less sophisticated.

These concerns haven’t stopped eager individuals from pre-ordering an AIRO for themselves, however. According to the company, working models of the wristband won’t be available until next fall, so those customers will just have to scribble in their diaries until then.

Images courtesy of AIRO on YouTube.