[Album Review] Ariana Grande’s “Yours Truly”

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

The cover for Ariana Grande’s album.

Okay, so where did this year’s Hollywood wonder girl, Ariana Grande, even come from? Just two years ago, she was some nobody on the Nickelodeon program Victorious that struggled to keep viewers after a second season. Now, she’s dominating the iTunes charts with her silky smooth voice as one of 15 solo female artists whose debut albums have opened at number 1. Not to mention, she’s starring (yes, starring!) on another Nick project, Sam and Cat, as the main character.

Jeez, Grande definitely climbed up the Nickelodeon food chain and snatched the crown from iCarly’s Miranda Cosgrove! Anyways, after listening to Grande’s album, Yours Truly, on repeat for a solid hour, I’m going to go ahead and dub it the best summer album of 2013. Yeah, summer’s basically over… but there’s still plenty of time for another artist to knock Grande off the podium! We’ll just have to wait and see.

From the very first song, “Honeymoon Avenue,” Yours Truly sends you zooming back in time to the 90s with its blend of modern Pop meets soul-belting R&B. That definitely sounds like a recipe for disaster, but trust me when I say that even your parents will jam along to this “throwback” album. Alright, let’s talk about her high-pitched vocals and love-sick lyrics! Grande’s biggest influence, Mariah Carey, is clearly notable through the entire album, but instead of falling embarrassingly flat, Grande gives Carey a run for her money (seriously, you gotta listen to Grande hit the “Popular Song” high notes) with stunning pitches and vocal flexibility. So, while the album’s “young love” theme includes way too many lyrics about missing a boyfriend, it doesn’t stop Yours Truly from being one the most enjoyable albums of 2013.

Compared to Miley’s crazy antics, Grande offers a breath of fresh air in the pop industry that usually makes you want to hang your head in shame. Instead, Yours Truly has your head bobbing within the first 30 seconds, and forcibly trying to hit the high notes until you realize you’re jumping on the couch. With the exception of two songs, Grande’s blast to the past is worth a listen! The final verdict? A.

Images courtesy of Ariana Grande Facebook. Video courtesy of MIKAVEVO.