[Album Review] Zendaya Coleman’s “Zendaya”

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Zendaya album
I can’t pick a favorite song from Zendaya’s album!

Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Demi Lovato… if those names ring a bell, it’s because they’re all former Disney stars that used the house of mouse to jump-start their pop music careers. Now, the next teen sensation who’s picking up a microphone is the dancing diva from Shake It Up – Zendaya Coleman! So, who is she exactly? Well, the 17-year-old starlet is this year’s Disney’s princess after inheriting the crown from Cyrus. Fortunately for us, though, she’s less crazy and a lot more talented!

The first song on the self-titled album Zendaya is “Replay,” a quirky and upbeat ode to falling in love that describes the CD perfectly: I’m in love with this music and will have it on replay all day! First of all, let’s discuss the blast to the past trend these teenage solo artists are taking. We heard it with Ariana Grande’s album, and now Coleman is busting through the scene with fresh 90’s R&B beats, too. Not going to lie, I’m digging it a lot and think it’s a refreshing change from Selena Gomez’s lackluster “pop” melodies.

Okay, at just 17 years old, I don’t know how much experience Coleman actually has with relationships, but she’s done an amazing job at portraying a love-struck teenager without coming off as hilariously desperate. Each and every song has a message, whether it’s “don’t fight true love,” or “forget boys, let’s hang out with my best girls!”

Despite the album’s stellar beats, it’s clear that Coleman is still a rookie. She doesn’t quite hit the high notes and fails to keep her pitch steady, but the falters in her voice aren’t enough to take this album off replay! Is it really surprising that the body-rocking, dancing Disney superstar has an album that makes you jump up and down around your room? Nah, it’s not surprising at all! The final verdict? B+

Featured image courtesy of Zendaya Coleman Facebook. Image of album courtesy of Zendaya Coleman Instagram.