Allergy season will be extra intense this spring

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

allergy season
To someone with allergies, this lovely tree is more like the bloom of doom!

Allergy season is on its way, so if your nose starts crinkling and the sneezes are flowing from your nostrils, don’t assume it’s the flu or a cold.

See, while your immune system usually keeps your body safe by fighting off harmful influences from the environment, it can become overly sensitive sometimes to otherwise harmless substances.

These “allergens” that trigger a mega allergic reaction are most commonly swirling around the air during the spring, because plants are hitting their peak blooming and growth spurts. This next season, allergy expert Dr. Clifford says it’s going to be really bad because of the recent wild weather. He explains, “What we’ve seen this winter was heavy [rain] everywhere throughout the entire country, and that’s causing very… healthy roots systems of trees and pollinating plants.”

So, because winter brought a lot of hydration to the plants, you can expect a mighty burst of airborne particles flying around from all the well-fed greenery.

While there’s lots of different kinds of allergic reactions, like to certain foods, medicines, or insect bites, the most common kinds are in response to plant-based substances.

Mold, weeds, grass, and pollen are the biggest offenders, and that’s why the thriving leaves, roots, and flowers of spring are a threat to allergy sufferers. So, if you’re experiencing extra redness in the eyes, itching, an irritated nose, sneezing, and breathing issues, it just might be due to allergies!

Featured image courtesy of ugod on Flickr. Image of flowering tree courtesy of Shardayyy on Flickr.