Winter Games highlights on Valentine’s Day

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Dario Cologna is ecstatic.

On Valentine’s Day, or Day 7 of the Sochi Winter Olympics, there was plenty of excitement. Japan scored its first gold medal in men’s figure skating, thanks to 19-year-old Yuzuru Hanyu’s 3.93-point lead after the short program. He’s also the first ever Asian to take Olympic skating gold. The Swiss had a good day as well, as Dario Cologna won a second gold medal during the 15-kilometer cross-country race.

As for Team USA, they were honored by a visit from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who even wore a Team USA pin! Despite losing a few battles in super combined and men’s figure skating, the US is tied with Norway in the medals race with a total of 13.

Overall, the medals spread is surprisingly even, with the Netherlands and Russia at 12, Canada at 11, and Germany at 10 in the top spots. The Germans, however, are number one in the gold medals total with an impressive 7 to their name.

Featured image courtesy of Sochi 2014. Image of Dario Cologna courtesy of Dario Cologna Facebook.