American Idol winner plans “zombie rock opera”

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Caleb Johnson is ready to bring undead rockstars to life.

The winner of American Idol’s season 13, Caleb Johnson, is ready to bust out some… zombie rock opera? Yep! The 23-year-old long-haired singer from Asheville, North Carolina, who beat out 17-year-old runner-up Jena Irene, definitely looks like the sort of guy who could dream up such a wacky idea. After all, his grungy geek style and down-to-Earth lovability seems perfect for a show about the singing undead.

“I want to do a zombie rock opera. I want to do something crazy out there,” explained Johnson. He then acknowledged that while American Idol is usually about pop songs, he’s a rocker to his core. “I mean I sing Rush and Led Zeppelin as well as Aretha Franklin and Adele. What is so crazy is I think this is the first season that a rock ‘n’ roll singer has won. Not pop rock, just straight rock ‘n’ roll, and some of the viewers didn’t like that because they are so accustomed to very nice – well, nice, good-looking people.”

That’s why he’s so appreciative about the show and a changing audience, expressing that Idol can open “doors to all types of artists [in various] shapes, sizes and genres” who can “come on this show, hone it and kill it.” We hear you, Johnson! Considering how many bleep-blopping voice-altering electronic pop stars there are these days, it’s nice to see some old school rock getting the love it deserves.

Images courtesy of FOX.