Andrew Luck leads Colts in epic win against Chiefs

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Chiefs lose to Colts playoffs
Chiefs fans were stunned by the sudden turnaround.

The Indianapolis Colts and quarterback Andrew Luck had a rough start in the Wild Card Game on Saturday against the Kansas City Chiefs. They entered the second half down 31-10, and soon found themselves trailing 38-10 in the third quarter.

No one could have predicted what happened next… when Luck led the Colts in the second greatest comeback win in playoff history.

With just 30 minutes left, the Colts outscored the Chiefs 35-13, landing an epic 45-44 victory. Luck overcame three interceptions to throw for 443 yards and 4 touchdowns, rushing 7 times for 45 yards. On a heads-up 5-yard fumble recovery and return, Luck scored a touchdown that put the Colts within 3 points of the Chiefs in the 4th quarter.

Then, offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton dreamed up a devious and risky strategy with the quarterback  that worked like a charm. Luck pushed the Colts into the lead with a perfect throw to T.Y. Hilton from 64 yards out with 4:21 left on the clock.

Featured image courtesy of Indianapolis Colts Facebook. Image of Chiefs players courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs Facebook.