Anthony Howe’s hypnotic sculptures

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

kinetic sculptures
Anthony Howe’s metal cutter can be programmed to slice and dice sculptures based on his computer model designs.

Anthony Howe has created a fascinating art form called “kinetic sculptures” that blends steel and movement into beautiful illusions. Described as “real-world screensavers” by The Creators Project, his pieces can move gracefully in mind-bending patterns as the wind blows across them.

Combining modern technology and old-fashioned metalwork processes, Howe first models his ideas on a computer program before getting to work with the sparks-spewing tools.

Plasma cutters slice through metals as he handcrafts every bit of lifeless material with surprisingly human emotional power. He also doesn’t want these pieces to just crumble after months of blowing in the wind, so Howe says, “I try to overbuild my work. The best way to test it is to bolt one of the sculptures to my Ford F-150 and drive down the freeway.”

Images courtesy of The Creators Project on YouTube.