[App Review] Angry Birds Go!

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Angry Birds Go! characters
Take your pick from a variety of classic characters.

I was never a huge fan of the original Angry Birds. I know, I must be the only one. I just couldn’t get into a game where you use a large slingshot to launch tiny little critters against a tower in an attempt to knock it down. Anyways, the creators, Rovio Entertainment, are back with Angry Birds Go! in an all-new installment of feathery grumpiness.

Only this time, instead of flinging birds into pigs hiding out in a poorly constructed tower, you get to race them against one another. Now, that’s what I’m talking about! Who needs slingshots when you can crash into your foes with a sweet hot rod?! I may have just said “who needs slingshots” but I forgot to mention that each race begins with your character launched out of a slingshot down a hill!

Keeping in line with the basics of Angry Birds, you must find the right angle to propel your character out into the track and make sure they drive the fastest. Each track has a certain character in the franchise to unlock, along with four different race modes such as: a ‘fruit splat’ mode, a ‘versus’ mode, a ‘race mode’, and a ‘time boom’ mode.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is. In all honesty, I came into the game expecting a lot more from Rovio. While I didn’t particularly enjoy the original Angry Birds, the intricate levels and gameplay had my brain buzzing for the correct angle in which to send my critter flying. It was mentally stimulating, challenging, and overall a great way to pass the time. In Angry Birds Go, however, they lose a lot of the game’s fun by taking away the physics aspect and basing it purely on the need for speed. Not to mention, each track is ridiculously short, so it takes about 30 seconds to finish the races. Let me get into the controller problem, too; it’s super hard to take control of your cart; I understand that the game is extremely new to the App store, but you’d figure they’d have at least some of the basic necessities for making it a top 10 candidate.

Anyways, though the game has a lot of problems they need to fix, I’d still recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the Angry Birds franchise. Not only do you get all the original characters and some newbies, but they keep their action-clip tradition going too. Yep! After every level you beat, you get more access to their ‘ToonTV’ and can watch all your favorites in action. So, the final verdict? C+.

Images courtesy of RovioMobile on YouTube.