[App Review] BrainPOP

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Can you answer a question about Thomas Jefferson? If not, you may want to download the app!

Do your parents yell at you because you spend way too much time watching movies or playing on your phone?! Well, BrainPOP is the slickest way to combine watching video clips, spending time on an electronic device, and getting an education.

Featuring more than 100 movies, the app functions like a classroom. Every day, the developers upload an animated documentary with topics such as the planet Mars, famous painters, asthma, etc. At the end of the short movie, there is a quiz that helps you unlock other videos and bonus features. The game is actually free on the marketplace, but has in-app purchases and subscriptions that can be costly. However, the game is 100% worth the investment.

For starters, two adorable characters named Tim and Moby lead the “storyline.” The object of the game is to help them get as much knowledge as possible, and travel the world while doing so. The graphics involved are crisp and vibrantly colored. Each animated movie flows easily, making it simple for kids of all ages to get absorbed in the historical retelling. As a player, you’ll fall in love with both of the main characters, simply because they’re filled with so much emotion and thirst for knowledge.

So, what about the actual gameplay? The controls are fairly easy to manage. With a swipe of your finger, you’re switching between categories, as well as missions. As the topics increase in difficulty, so do the quizzes. However, it’s nothing that a little extra studying or rewatching of a video can’t beat! In reality, you won’t even notice you’re absorbing such amazing facts, because you’ll be too busy wanting to play more! The final verdict? A+.

Images courtesy of BrainPOP.