[App Review] Cat on a Diet

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Dr. Meow
The animated cutscenes are adorable. Poor Dr. Meow’s so fat he can barely squeeze through the door!

Okay, here’s a warning to all the dog lovers out there: this is a cat post, so you may wanna close the tab and go pet your pooch! Anyways, if you’re team feline and adore fuzzy little kittens… then Chillingo’s Cat on a Diet is the perfect app for the iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

In the game, Dr. Meow can’t fit through the small kitty door because he’s gained a few extra pounds after nibbling on his favorite treat. Instead of chowing down on catnip or even juicy tuna, he wants cookies… lots and lots of chocolate chip cookies! So, in this physics-based puzzle game, the objective is to help this fat cat get all the cookies his little heart desires.

At the start of the level, players must slash through objects and collect three chewy muffins while avoiding dangerous traps! There are a total of 90 challenging puzzles, and each one becomes progressively more difficult. No, seriously… you don’t know anger until there’s one muffin left, and Dr. Meow slips away from the jar because of slow reflexes.

Now, that you have the game basics… let’s talk graphics, gameplay, and controls! If you think real-life kittens are adorable and squishable, then this feisty feline is soaring past the top of the cute-o-meter. His chubby belly jiggles whenever he falls from the top, and his sad facial features are noticeable whenever the cookie jar is out of reach. However easy the concept seems, the gameplay is actually pretty difficult.

Swipe to the left, but be quick (!!) or risk losing all your muffins… guide Dr. Meow to a zooming vortex in less than two seconds or have it close forever! Now, as for the controls, the levels may be hard, but it’s definitely not an issue with the touchscreen. This itty-bitty kitty moves without any problem; you tap him once and he jumps in his little bubble. The movements are actually so smooth, it’s fun to ignore the level and watch him wobble down the wooden obstacles.

The Apple store tends to be filled with plenty games similar to Cat on a Diet, but the charming challenge and graphics truly put it above the rest. Not to mention, the cute cutscenes before the levels add an extra element that encourages gamers to keep playing. And for only 99 cents, it’s completely worth it! The final verdict? A

Images and video courtesy of Chillingo