[App Review] ChordShaker Pocket Guitar

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

ChordShaker app
With colorful graphics, clearly explained lessons, and interactive guitar strumming, you’ll be ready for the real thing in no time!

There’s few instruments that scream “rockstar” quite like the guitar. Whether you’re strumming some Spanish ballads or busting out heavy metal shredding, the classic string instrument can fit as easily into a wild party as a fancy ballroom. However, if affording a sleek Gibson is out of your price range, you’ll definitely want to check out the ChordShake Pocket Guitar app for the iPhone.

While you’re filling up that piggy bank with enough coin for the real deal, the ChordShake Pocket Guitar app lets you actually learn how to position your hand on the guitar fretboard. How exactly does it mimic the long, thin strip of material over which the vibrating strings of a guitar stretch so you can pluck away a variety of musical notes? By using the iPhone’s screen!

Yep, by providing immediate feedback that lets you know whether you’ve hit the correct chord position, the five simultaneous touch points on the screen respond similarly to the actual instrument. You’ll progress through different stages of difficulty, with the opportunity to learn step-by-step or dive into a jam session. Soon, your fingers will build muscle memory, moving without thought as you rock out to the greatest hits. So, what’s our final verdict? We give this app an “A”.

Images courtesy of Musopia.