Kids get creative with Craftsy Classes app

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Kenneth D. King is one of Craftsy’s online instructors. His awesome crafts have ended up in several museums, as well as on mega music legend Elton John!

If you’re anything like me, then you may be just a little uncoordinated when it comes to cooking and crafting. So, whenever my creative side is in need of a quick and easy fix, I pull out my phone and use Craftsy Classes. The app has hundreds (literally hundreds) of tutorials that are neatly divided into categories such as: knitting, cake decoration, quilting, sewing, and paper crafts.

Using the app is about as easy as making pie! Depending on the category, you can pick from a selection of tutorial videos that will explain, in detail, how to do said craft. Despite being able to purchase more in-depth tutorials, a majority of the videos are free and can be accessed with a simple press of your finger to the screen. Each user can then choose to organize categories based on their interests, and receive notifications when new videos are posted or updated.

As for the graphics and style, the app’s vibrant colors draw you in with a warm invitation. Their bright orange and pastel shades should seem alarming, but instead offer a peaceful background while you browse through each section. Navigating the controls is quick, too; if you need to change categories, a flick of the screen will do the trick! Accompanying the video tutorial is a list you can also follow if the video is going too fast. This makes it easy to print out recipes if you don’t have access to an electronic device.

Who said playing games is the only way to pass time? This “watch ‘n’ learn” application is just what you need to get through gloomy rainy days, and afternoons! Our final verdict? We give this app an “A” for being so gosh darn crafty.

Images courtesy of Craftsy Classes.