[App Review] Feel Electric!

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Feel Electric! app
How are you feeling today? Pick between different emotions to get your game started!

Have your parents ever made you feel frustrated? Now, what about your friends? Have they ever made you feel so excited you couldn’t find a word to describe it? Well, if you’ve ever had trouble describing the way you were feeling, then Feel Electric! is the perfect app for you.

Based on the hit PBS television show, The Electric Company, the tremendously creative application teaches kids emotions, language skills, and how to express themselves with the correct words. Available on the app store for free, it features videos, photos, games, and emotion-related vocabulary building activities.

At the beginning of the game, you’re introduced to the two hosts, Jessica and Marcus, who welcome you with a video and a smile. Almost instantly, the game has an interactive activity that asks its player what their mood is like for the day. Depending on your mood, the app will shift its menu and provide you with helpful related activities. For example, if you’re bored, then the game will give you access to their many mini-games to cure you of your boredom. With this app, you’ll never be bored again!

Next, each interactive “level” seeks to entice the mind with new vocabulary words. So, whether or not you’re getting an “A” in English, the game will provide you with a challenge, yet give you answers and hints if you need them. Talk about the perfect way to study for school, and still have fun while doing so. As for the controls, the game responds instantly to each and every one of your flicks flawlessly. Going back to the menu from a mini game or video requires no hassle, and you can even interact with the hosts by tapping on the screen.

Now, while every other feature of the app is amazing, there is one problem I can’t ignore: the graphics are lame. Rather than have crisp, high-definition quality, the drawings can often blur and make it difficult to play. If PBS, the creators of the game, can provide an update with better quality drawings, then we’d give this app an A+. But for now, our verdict? A-.

Images courtesy of Sesame Workshop.