[App Review] Fetch – A Boy and his Dog

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Beautifully illustrated backgrounds really bring the game to life.

I don’t usually pick games that are rated for younger players, but from the beginning, Fetch captivated my attention purely with its graphics and storyline. Fetch by Big Fish Games focuses on a boy exploring the big, scary world that has now been taken by aliens, to find his lost dog. Despite being designed for younger audiences, older players will not be left out as the wonderful story keeps you on the edge of your seat in search of the missing pet.

The game starts with its basic tutorial, showing you that the world you are about to explore is completely interactive. As in, you can touch the background to turn on streetlights or read the ads and billboards. Now, this doesn’t give you much as far as finding your lost dog, but it does give the game beautiful scenery that makes it exciting to go into the next level. Each level provides different interactions, such as popping bubbles or trees swaying with the wind.

Fetch also keeps users bouncing in their seats as they play fun arcade-like games that reward the players with coins and hints to where the dog has been taken. Using your finger as your weapon, you’ll tap away aliens as they pop up on your screen. Through this interaction, you’ll find weapons and armor that will help you fight off the alien dognappers.

Now, my only complaint for this game is that it’s way too short. With about 5 hours of gameplay (or maybe that’s just me being crazy absorbed and playing non-stop), you’ll be left wanting to start over and over again. You can download the game here for your Apple products here. The final verdict? B+.

Images and video courtesy of Apple and Big Fish Games.