[App Review] Jelly & Pie

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Pie Jelly
Jump from ledge to ledge, and try to avoid making a splattering mess!

Whenever I’m on the prowl for new apps, the first thing I notice is whether or not the game has a pretty icon. Okay, so maybe it’s wrong to “judge a book by its cover,” but hey, you can’t blame my gaze for wandering straight to the cutest-looking eye candy.

Anyways, Egmont UK’s Jelly & Pie is by far the most adorable looking game I have ever played. Sure, there’s a few problems that take a slice out of the fun, but overall it’s oodles of jelly-tastic joy.

Jelly and Pie have been best friends for years, roaming around Jelly Pie Central while trying to avoid the hungry giant Jelly Monster. When gangs of super scary octopus baddies kidnap Pie, it’s up to Jelly to stop his bestie from becoming dessert! Not only does he face off against creeping tentacles, but the tasty gelatin also skyrockets over forks and spoons, and avoids rotten jellies that are threatening to make him sick. And don’t you dare fall off the ledge, because a drop from that high up will be terribly messy!

Okay, so while the game may have the tastiest graphics I’ve ever feasted my eyes on, it has some serious control issues that need to be fixed. Like, it’s ridiculously difficult to jump over the obstacles when the iPod’s touch sensors fail to accurately read your movements. And don’t even get me started on the levels either! Sure, the game only has 12 levels, but it doesn’t matter which round you’re on, because if you lose… you’re forced to start over. What is this, the olden days of NES games? A couple of lives and you’re sent back to square one? Meh. By the time you manage to get to the 11th level, you’ll have been sitting still for so long that your body will be one fat blob of jelly.

Anyways, the Jelly & Pie app definitely needs tweaking if it wants to keep customers well-fed and satisfied. The final verdict? B-

Images courtesy of Egmont UK.