[App Review] Learn Spanish by MindSnacks

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Learn Spanish
I can’t help but smile when there’s a big grinning crocodile congratulating me on learning Spanish!

Learning a foreign language can be very difficult, and potentially boring if you’re stuck reading stuffy textbooks!

Well, with the Learn Spanish by MindSnacks app, you can gobble up Español with six addicting games and 50 exciting lessons.

With a blend of colorful pictures, vocabulary words, and audio recordings that pronounce Spanish clearly, Learn Spanish by MindSnacks keeps all of your senses hooked. Plus, the sheer variety of activities ensures the app never feels repetitive.

Animations reward correct answers with adorable grinning animals, delightful cartoon characters, and gorgeously scenic landscapes that come alive with crackling sound effects and music. It’s clear the developers poured a lot of love into this app.

You’ll rack up points like any other game, and after just one week with this app you’ll be able to hold basic conversations in Spanish! For just $5, you can master over 1,400 words and phrases with the help of 23 challenges.

With an emphasis on speed, the games motivate you to move quickly as you’re tested on correct spelling, identify matching definitions, and translating phrases. So, what’s our final verdict? We give this app an “A+”.

Images courtesy of MindSnacks.