[App Review] Mathmateer

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Mathmateer screenshot
Your fingers better be as quick as your mental math, because this game gets super intense.

Math doesn’t exactly sound like an entertaining activity, but you + the Mathmateer app = fun! For a mere 99 cents, you can rocket away into a colorful outer space world of solving problems, earning in-game cash, scoring medals, and building rocket ships.

The ultra-customizable rockets motivate you to solve problems, so that you can launch your high-flying machine on a math mission that’s interactive, imaginative, and educational.

First of all, the graphics are beautifully illustrated, with bright scenery and animations that keep your eyes laser-focused on the screen. Navigating the rockets is easy with smooth touchscreen controls that’ll have you frantically clicking on bright numbers to accomplish tasks. This ingenious app isn’t just a bunch of textbook problems slapped on a rocket game, either, since you’ll be dealing with issues like even vs. odd numbers, telling time on clocks, solving fractions, and puzzling out decimals with creative visuals cleverly hiding the lessons.

Once your rocket hits outer space, you need to finish the math mission as soon as possible, before it loses steam and lands back no Earth. Getting high scores earns you gold, silver, and bronze medals, so be sure to invite your friends over and challenge them to a Mathmateer duel! The suspenseful arcade-style gameplay is as educational as it is fun, and you’ll never look at math the same way again: so, our final verdict? An “A+”.

Images courtesy of Freecloud Design.