[App Review] MinoMonsters

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Whether you’ve crowned yourself the greatest trainer of all time after kicking some serious poke-butt or you’re new to monstrous madness, the Apple store is giving the classic pocket monsters a run for their money. Prepare for trouble and make it double because MinoMonsters is here to join FireRed and LeafGreen as a hit that’ll hook you in half the time.

MinoMonsters pic 2Though this app shares many similarities with Pokémon, some key twists hit this monster mash out of the Pokepark to its own category of cool. Grublings (cuties with wicked attitudes and killer moves) have taken over your monsters’ islands, and it’s your job to battle your way through them to get their homes back. When picking your world-class fighter, you’re given three options in the form of three elemental monsters (water, ground, and fire), but choosing a starter (that’s your first Mino) is hard for a number of reasons. Each of these three starting MinoMonsters is adorable, each with his/her own unique set of skills and personality. Crocoling’s teeth look mighty sharp, Grunt’s muscles look mega strong, and Blazel’s got serious flare that looks like it could do some real damage.

So, after what will probably be an intense game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe to decide, you’ll travel to Water Island and begin your adventure. You’ll start by battling elemental Grublings on the beach, sandbar, jungle, and waterfall for star coins that will help you train and upgrade your monsters to new levels of fierce and ferocious. After defeating all foes (including Grubling bosses and other tamable MinoMonsters) you’ll move on to more difficult islands with enemies that’ll have you doing double time and leveling up at the speed of light. Once you’ve beaten all the baddies and fully evolved your Mino team, you can go back and do it again. And best of all, it’s free! The final verdict? A+.