[App Review] Motocross Elite

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Motocross ss
If you’ve ever wanted to show aliens who’s the boss, now’s your chance!

I don’t usually like paying for Apple apps, but after hearing from multiple friends that FunGenerationLab’s Motocross Elite was totally worth the bucks, I caved. The game is simple enough: you’re a bobble-headed motocross racer who dreams of making it to the big leagues.

Zoom past the competition, tackle difficult obstacles, and show those speed-racing aliens and ninjas who’s boss! Each outrageous high jump and backflipping stunt you pull earns coins that upgrade your vehicle and tracksuit.

Motocross Elite’s responsive touch controls give racers a better chance at winning, making the gameplay easy for all ages! Okay, so the graphics aren’t too high quality, but that’s all forgotten when players can customize everything from the racer’s helmet to the wheels on their motorbikes. Each race is set on a specific terrain – like a snowy ice cave or a rocky mountain – that is harder with each upcoming level; so, yeah, that may sound difficult, but the surprise of what environment comes next is the most exciting part!

The downside? Well, paying 99 cents only gets you one map pack and a few bikes to pick from. So, unless you have an extra iTunes gift card lying around from the most recent holiday, don’t bother shelling out 6 bucks to get all the tracks and upgrades. The only way this game is worth $6 dollars is if they add a multiplayer feature so I can leave my friends in the dust. The final verdict? B.

Images courtesy of Motocross Elite Facebook.