[App Review] Plants vs. Zombies 2

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

PvZ 2 image
A screenshot of an Ancient Egypt level.

These zombies aren’t stopping at just your brains… they’re coming for your sunflowers, too! Earlier in the week, PopCap released the second installment of the Plants vs. Zombies franchise for free (!!) on the Apple iTunes market. If you’ve played the original Plants vs. Zombies, then Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time will bring you back to 2009 when playing with your vegetables was actually encouraged. Keeping the basics of the first game, you must save your house from being attacked by zombies with rows of various produce, while having lawnmowers as a final defense. Only this time, you’re time traveling to 3 different eras: Ancient Egypt, 17th century pirate-infested waters, and the Wild West.

Bringing back Crazy Dave, the time traveling redneck whose sole mission in the game is to retrieve his missing taco, the game starts with a time warp that takes you all the way back in time to Egypt. The map consists of 11 levels and several side missions that must be unlocked via keys collected during the normal gameplay. If you think these zombies are child’s play, then you’ll be hard-pressed when these mummified zombies are stealing your sun and making it difficult to pass the level.

Once the player has completed the 11th level, a star-shaped portal opens and gives you the ability to travel to the next world… but not before you get 30 stars. Now, here’s where stuff gets fun or really, really tedious. PvZ 2 forces you to go back to the first level and play each level three times to gain a star that will ultimately equal to 30. You, however, have the option to pay real money for the next two levels without the excess effort. The process continues to all three worlds, though the Stargates end up costing 45 stars to reach the final world.

Despite the option of payments, PopCap does a very good job in making a game that’s interactive and addicting. Whether you’re planting peashooters to fight the mob of zombies, or playing their puzzle-based mini-games, you’ll have a blast. The graphics are stunning, the storyline is silly, and you’ll feel sympathetic for poor old Dave who still can’t find his taco. The only real problem I have with the game is lack of space for my fingers to move around. The final verdict? A.

Images courtesy of PopCap.