[App Review] Pocket Code

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Pocket Code
There’s already dozens of apps made with the Pocket Code toolkit, so what are you waiting for?

All you amateur video game and app designers out there, listen up! If the only thing standing in the way of your brilliant idea becoming a major hit on people’s smartphones is a lack of computer coding knowledge, then the Pocket Code app is here to save the day. This nifty app lets you create, edit, remix, and share programs with easy-to-use interactive coding, “LEGO-style” programming, and awesome animations.

Pocket Code is free to download and is created by a super cool non-profit group called Catrobat, with more than 200 contributors from 20 nations spending about 300 person-years on the project.

Their goal? Create free educational apps for children and teenagers. I’m happy to report that they’ve definitely succeeded in making one of the most creative and helpful amateur coding apps around!

You can make just about anything with Pocket Code, including your very own games, music videos, and interactive art, just to name a few. The set of creativity tools can be used on smartphones, tablets, and mobile browsers, and you can join a growing international community of other amateur coders like you.

Among the hundreds of programs created with Pocket Code are awesome titles like the adorably animated Whack a Mole game, the skeleton-viewing X-Ray phone app, the illustrated Compass arrow that points you in the right direction, and a Pythagorean theorem app for math class. The possibilities are endless! Our final verdict? We give this app an “A+”.

Images courtesy of Pocket Code and Catrobat.