[App Review] SkyORB

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

SkyORB screenshot
Track the position of planets in real-time or simulate different parts of the Solar System, all with just a few button presses!

As you enjoy the beauty of a starlit night sky, switch on the free-to-use SkyORB app to make astronomy come alive like never before.

Just pointing your smartphone or tablet towards a visible star or planet will reveal its name, using satellite location tech to track where you are. SkyORB also comes packed with all kinds of skygazing goodies, like information on the Moon’s phases, 3D real-time representation of the planets, and information on nearby comets or asteroids.

The app wonderfully manages to combine tons of complex data into an easy-to-use interface, offering the ability to casually browse the skies for a few minutes, or spend hours absorbing in-depth information on space. The graphics are also clean and beautifully presented, turning your device into a portal that brings objects lightyears away into the palm of your hand.

Images are kept up to date, including photos generated from space shuttle missions. Zoom function can bring the Sun, Moon, comets, asteroids, and distant stars nearby, refreshed with photo-realistic graphics by the second to be ultra-accurate representations of what’s actually going on in space that very moment. Even simpler day-to-day information is available, like weather and when the sun will rise or set. So, with such a mega window into space in a convenient, and free package, what’s our final verdict? We give SkyORB an “A+”.

Images courtesy of realtechvr.