[App Review] Sonic Dash

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Sonic app review
Dodge crabs, and collect rings without falling into the ocean!

Do you remember the speedy blue critter that completely annihilates his enemies by curling up into a ball and crashing into them, right? Well, maybe colored hedgehogs don’t exist out in the wild, but the little rascal is running around in SEGA’s Sonic Dash! Keeping the basics that made the original game popular, this endless racing adventure will have you hooked faster than Sonic can reach the finish line.

The app is all about swerving around enemies, rocks, pits, and hazardous challenges to collect rings. Swiping left or right will move the character, while sliding down will perform Sonic’s trademark roll. Sounds easy enough, yeah? Well, it’s hard when little minions randomly appear and cause you to quickly swerve! It may be frustratingly difficult shifting in between the three lanes, but the game’s controls are precise. Sonic never once failed when I motioned him to the side, so I only have my slow reflexes to blame!

Anyways, let’s talk about the graphics. Are they as crisp as the motion sensor pad that makes it extremely easy to collect all the golden rings? Yep! You’d expect a game with such fast motion to have ridiculously blurred quality, but everything about the game is neat. Sonic moves and his facial expression—mean and ready—stays in place. Do a cannonball in mid air? Well, the needles on his back sway with the wind.

Sonic Dash is one of the few games I can play without getting bored. Sure, the levels are repetitive and always involve running in a straight line to the end, but unlocking every extra character and world is worth it! The final verdict? A.

Image and video courtesy of SEGA.