[App Review] VideoScience

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

VideoScience app
Detailed lessons, easy to find experiments, and live demonstrations all come together in this wonderful video-based app.

Are you a huge fan of Bill Nye the Science Guy? Do you enjoy making things explode into a puff of smoke, performing modern miracles with chemistry experiments at home, or just plain love to go on backyard bug hunting adventures? Then check out the over 80 hands-on science lessons available in the free app, VideoScience!

The videos demonstrate inexpensive experiments that you can easily recreate safely, without burning down the kitchen or getting your fingers electrocuted.

Designed to be interesting and educational for all ages, VideoScience has an incredible range of quirky do-it-yourself activities. For instance, you can set sugar on fire, create an LED light, melt plastic, or create a giant squid.

The best part about trying out all these zany misadventures is that the app provides mini lessons on everything from gas laws to engineering.

So, when that coke bottle collapses before your teacher’s disbelieving eyes or your best friend walks in to see you covered in fog, you can easily explain the scientific properties behind it all! I can’t think of a better way to mix entertainment with science, so what’s our final verdict? We give this app an “A”.

Images courtesy of Object Enterprises.