[App Review] Where’s My Water 2

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Rubber ducks go inside the bath, Swampy!

It’s not often that a sequel hits the market and instantly grabs my attention, but after playing Disney’s original Where’s My Water for 3 hours straight, I had to check it out. I just can’t get enough of the cutesy alligators, alright? Anyways, just like the first game, the objective is to use your finger and dig tunnels through dirt to direct water towards Swampy’s hot shower or Allie’s steam-powered piano! Adorable. I would have never expected a reptile to be into lukewarm bubble baths, or be an instrumental master!

Now, if the control and gameplay is the same, then why make a Where’s My Water 2 in the first place? Well, because Disney had more ideas in store for the underground scaly critters! Not only does the sequel have new levels, but they’ve introduced a challenging mini-game called “Duck Rush” where you either dig quickly or dangerously flood the sewage system! It’s a fun, hard, and fast-paced addition that catches you off guard when your eyebrows are furrowed from intense strategy planning.

Okay, enough about the game modes… let’s talk about the awesome game graphics and controls. One of my favorite things is how realistic the water rushes down the sewer. Pretty much the game requires precise digging or else the water won’t budge! I could probably go into more detail if I was a physics major, but figuring out the exact formula for the rushing water is way too difficult… As for the graphics, you don’t need an animation degree to see how cute Swampy and his buddies are! The cutscenes before every level are colorful, adorable, and tell each alligator’s story with addictive musical jingles.

My only problem with the game is the sneaky in-app purchases. Where’s My Water 2 stops players from playing while their “alligator energy” restores. Sure, the game costs nothing to download, but is it really free when it charges 5 bucks for extra energy? If it ditched the begging for moolah after every other level, Where’s My Water 2 would probably top the best games list! The final verdict? A-

Images courtesy of Disney.