[App Review] Wonders of the Universe

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

WoU image
Not even the sky can limit you in this app, since you can travel well beyond the borders of our Solar System to explore our wonderfully beautiful universe.

Stargazing into the inky blackness of the night sky can really send your mind into the furthest reaches of space. However, without a high-powered telescope, it’s up to your imagination to figure out what constellations, planets, and distant solar systems you’re looking at. Now, with the Wonders of the Universe app, you can travel to the edges of our galaxy and beyond with the convenient and interactive comfort of your smartphone or iPad.

Journey from the tiniest particles of existence past the moons and planets of our Solar System with the delightfully animated graphics and clean interface of Wonders of the Universe. Not only can you build your space knowledge with Professor Brian Cox’s 200 dynamic articles that are spread out among the planets, stars, and galaxies, but you can also examine them in fully-realized 3D models!

The app even condenses a universe’s worth of facts into easily understood infographics, 2.5 hours of videos from BBC TV’s Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe, as well as hundreds of real-life images to dazzle your brain. Taking footage from the likes of NASA and other space agencies, not to mention carefully researched information compiled by the best astronomy experts on the planet, you’ll be more than equipped to rattle off space info to your buddies like a well-traveled astronaut! So, our final verdict? We give this out of this world app an “A+”.

Images courtesy of Harper Collins Publishers.