[App Review] Word Puttz

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Word Puttz gameplay
Word Puttz successfully mixes Scrabble with golf.

If you’ve ever played the spelling game Scrabble or Words with Friends, then you’ll want to grab some golf clubs, a dictionary, and download Word Puttz.

The familiar, points-based alphabet tiles need to be arranged in horizontal or vertical words like usual, but now there’s the challenge of a miniature-golf-sized course. Whoever can make a path that leads to the hole or destination goal in the fewest words possible will out-swing the competition.

As you progress through the levels, new obstacles and transportation options open up around the board, forcing you to think about the word placement rather than aiming for the usual bonus point multipliers of traditional Scrabble.

It’s not all about getting to a golf hole, either, as some courses reward whoever grabs four coins or reaches the goal in 30 letters or less. Or, a level might have you racing a lovable octopus teacher to the end of a level by sheer speed alone. Sometimes, warp pipes like the kind you find in Super Mario Bros. show up, changing the strategy entirely.

While the graphics, sound effects, and gameplay aren’t out of this world, the subtle twist of playing golf (with a word-savvy octopus as your guide) really makes Word Puttz an enjoyable braintwister.

You’ll plan your path across the board with all the mind-bending angles of a Geometry class, while squeezing your memory like a sponge for all those vocabulary lists your English teacher made you memorize. The final verdict? We give Word Puttz a solid “A-”.

Images courtesy of Jackbox Games.