[App Review] World of Goo

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

World of Goo image
In the World of Goo, building wobbly bridges and curving towers is a thrilling battle to the end of the stages, and you’ll be immediately hooked.

Dragging and dropping balls of goo might not seem like the world’s most exciting game, but when you play the World of Goo, few activities will ever seem as wonderfully delightful. This masterpiece is one of those rare treats that delivers artistic visuals, imaginative style, and brain-bending puzzle action.

If there’s one thing that will immediately blow you away, it’s the ridiculously high quality graphics that are colorful, uniquely drawn, and smoothly animated. Your brain will literally melt like goo as the physics-based movements wobble and splash across the screen.

As for gameplay, you’ll need to build a structure of wiggly blobs to reach the end of the stage. Along the way, the little guys will squirm and dash around like some maddening Jenga pieces.

Then, as if that’s not tough enough, levels get progressively more complicated with traps and winding pathways that make it more difficult. Later stages will get your heart pumping and your mind thinking quickly, and the sheer rush of beating them will make you whoop for joy. Although there’s not much in the sound department, the rest of the game is nearly flawless. For $4.99, you will definitely get your money’s worth. So, our final verdict? We give this app an “A”.

Images courtesy of 2D BOY.