Apple unveils the latest iPhones

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

iPhone fingerprint
The new Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor unlocks your phone and makes purchases just by quickly scanning your thumb!

Earlier this week, Apple, Inc. unveiled the latest versions of the beloved iPhone, and it has pretty impressive upgrades. To get some basics out of the way, the new iPhone 5s will have a brighter camera flash, the quickest processor on the market, and three colored aluminum bodies: black, silver, or white. The camera itself will have much sharper image quality and can record in slow motion!

However, the upgrade that’s getting the most buzz is the home button on the bottom of the screen. The company confirmed rumors that iPhone 5s will use a fingerprint scanner – called the Touch ID – in place of  the traditional 4-digit lock screen! In addition, the iPhone scanner can be used to buy products off the iTunes or App stores! Sounds pretty cool right? It is, but many individuals are worried that this information will be given to the government and used against them. Well, if that’s what their main concerns are, maybe they’ll be more interested in the iPhone 5c.

It’s just like the 5s, only a bit… simpler. For one, it won’t have Touch ID on the home button, so you’ll still have to punch in the number manually. Also, the body of the  iPhone 5c won’t be aluminum, but plastic. Lastly, it will have the same processor as the original iPhone 5, which is twice as slow as the 5s. However, it will come in 5 candy-bright colors: white, pink, blue, yellow, and green! These differences will make the phone much cheaper than the 5s.

Both mobile devices will be available later this month!

Images and video courtesy of Apple, Inc.