Apples (and cereal fiber) keep the doctor away

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

fruity cereal
If you want a very healthy breakfast, chop up some fruits into your fiber-rich cereal.

Ready for an awesome breakfast, lunch, or midnight snack? Then stock up on fiber-filled cereal and apples!

When Harvard researchers grabbed spoons, bowls, and milk to put cereal fiber to the test, they found that it can reduce the risk of death by 19 percent.

In fact, it was shown to cut down the deadliness of diabetes, a sugar imbalance disease, by 34 percent. Cereal fiber and whole grains can also help the body resist cancers and obesity!

See, fiber makes our intestines absorb nutrients better, it softens our poop, controls blood sugar levels, and may prevent heart attacks.

Plus, an apple a day can keep the pharmacist away, because the National Institutes of Health found that apple eaters don’t need as much prescription medicine.

Like cereal grains, apples can reduce the chances of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, because they’re high in fiber and vitamin C. They are also low in calories and a great healthy snack. According to a recent study, apple eaters were more likely not to see the doctor more than once a year, and were about 6 percent less likely to need medicine. So, grab an apple for you and your teacher!

Featured image courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography on Flickr. Image of apple-filled cereal courtesy of Sheng Han on Flickr.