Littering plastic kills turtles

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Did you know that researchers estimate 80% of trash in the ocean comes from land? This includes all types of debris like sewage, chemicals, and especially plastic. While it’s bad enough to imagine humans polluting the homes of millions of sea creatures, research from the University of Queensland says sea turtles are especially in danger, swallowing plastic twice as often as they used to 25 years ago. “Our research revealed that young ocean-going turtles were more likely to eat plastic,” said Qamar Schuyler, the leader of the study. What’s a little plastic do, anyways? Well, it can do quite a lot. If a sea turtle, or any creature for that matter, eats a bit of plastic, it can kill them. “Results from this… analysis indicate… turtles are at the greatest risk of being killed or harmed from ingested marine debris,” said Schuyler. If you prefer to leave empty bottles on the ground, you should think twice. It can take the life of an innocent turtle!

Featured image courtesy of Brocken Inaglory on Wikipedia.