Artist Víctor Enrich creates gravity-defying hotels

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

antigravity building
You’d have to pay me to stay in a hotel as kooky as that!

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I tell my parents to look for when we’re planning our yearly vacation is a sturdy place to stay. I’ve seen way too many scary movies where the hotel is either haunted or on its way to getting torn down. Anyways, Munich’s Deutscher Kaiser hotel looks like any sleek, modern building, but artist Víctor Enrich has done the unimaginable and created it into something completely out of this world.

As Time Magazine puts it, his artistic vision is Salvador Dali meets Inception. Or, in simpler words, seriously mind-blowing!

With the help of his computer, the Spanish native spent months churning out 88 (that’s right, 88!!) graphically-enhanced distortions. Now, why would any artist spend that much time on taking apart an architectural masterpiece?! Apparently, Enrich passed the Deutscher Kaiser hotel every day while job hunting in Germany, and quickly grew bored of having to see it.

What started as a hobby to motivate himself, quickly turned into a passionate project that took up all his time.

You know, I find that a little ironic… bored of the building, so he spends a few extra hours staring at it on a computer? Well, we’re actually glad that he did take time to mess around with its appearance, because the distortions are insanely awesome!

When Time Magazine spoke to Enrich in Barcelona, he said, “I always try to express myself as much as I can. If I’m not having fun, I will never do anything!” We’re glad Enrich had so much fun creating these, because I had a blast scrolling through the picture gallery, too!

Images courtesy of Víctor Enrich photography.