Ashton Kutcher as Apple’s Steve Jobs

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Steve Jobs, the creative mind behind Apple’s success, talks with his oldest friend and rival: Bill Gates, the genius who created Microsoft.

Whether you’re Team Apple or Team Microsoft, you’ve probably heard of Steve Jobs. Steven Paul Jobs (Feb 24, 1955 – Oct 5, 2011) was an American entrepreneur, inventor, co-founder, and CEO of Apple. Because of his position at Apple, he is widely recognized as the charismatic pioneer that helped put Apple on the market as one of the best products ever invented.

His intense personality, extremely high expectations, and imagination took Apple from a downward spiral to the most powerful company in the world. Despite being known mostly for his work with Apple, Steve Jobs was also a chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios. All of these achievements, as well as his dramatic personal life, will be painted across the silver screen in the upcoming Jobs movie.

So, which actor will have the honor of portraying such a legend? Ashton Kutcher! The film focuses on the early days of Apple, when Jobs had to convince co-founder Steve Wozniak (played by Josh Gad) that his vision of a computer in every house was possible. The two men then encountered obstacles on their rise to the top, such as running their company from the inside of an old garage!

When Kutcher was asked about why he wanted to play Jobs, he answered, “I think it was a great convergence of my personal interest and my craft. I love technology. I love entrepreneurship. I love being involved in it and being able to express that through my craft was really gratifying.”

As a huge fan of Apple products (no, really, I have like 7 ipods), I’m excited to see Kutcher’s interpretation of Jobs. It’ll be an amazing experience to see where it all started, when the movie opens in theaters August 16.

Featured image and YouTube video courtesy of Apple and Sundance Film Festival. Image of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates courtesy of All Things D.