Astronaut creates space-inspired fine dining

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

space food
Astronaut Franklin Chang Diaz wanted to capture his experience in space with food.

Astronaut Franklin Chang Diaz has been to space a record seven times, but now he’s on a new mission to make dining truly out of this world. The space traveler has teamed up with molecular gastronomists (food scientists) to create a dining experience known as “Taste the Stars,” where paying customers have a chance to taste space-inspired meals.

Diaz’s idea behind the space-themed meal was to capture his different experiences as an astronaut, which include weightlessness, extreme heat, sub-zero cold, darkness, and luminosity (brightness).

By combining his knowledge of the human body’s experiences in space with the nutritional chemistry of food scientists in his home country of Costa Rica, Diaz captured space’s wacky sensations on a molecular level and even introduces extraterrestrial (from beyond Earth) seasoning. For example, there’s meteorite steak sauce that’s actually cooked by using a wine prepared with a 3-inch space rock!

Not all the items on the menu feature otherworldly ingredients, but they do have really awesome names such as the “molten sun” gazpacho – a Spanish tomato-based soup – and the lime caviar stars. Also, the courses still include cool dishes like glow-in-the-dark drinks, glowing coconut, plus chocolate and mango “asteroids”.

What’s really stellar about Taste the Stars dining is that it’s just as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the tongue. The dinner is paired with an actual stargazing event led by an expert! Costa Rican customers are extra lucky too, since their country is one of the few locations on Earth where humans can see the Magellanic Clouds – the Milky Way’s brightest orbiting galaxies. The entire experience is only available in the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica, while the meal costs $95 for adults and $100 for children.

Images courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica.