Astronauts play a soccer match in space

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

space soccer
Nice backflip!

As the World Cup kicked off in Brazil, three astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) decided to get in on the fun with a little soccer match of their own. Since the astronauts are far enough away from Earth’s pull to fly through the air without gravity, they busted out some awesome stunts while kicking a mini soccer ball around!

NASA astronauts Reid Wiseman and Steve Swanson joined with European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst of Germany to create a World Cup tribute video. Swanson was especially enthusiastic about showing off his out of this world soccer skills, as he executed a bicycle kick that would surely have gotten past a goalie.

During the video, Gerst says, “We want to wish all the teams and fans on the ground and in Brazil a great World Cup. Have fun and have peaceful games. May the best win.”

Ever since the year 2000, the $100 billion orbiting ISS has been constantly occupied and maintained by astronauts. 15 countries and 5 space agencies helped make the facility, and it’s often used for space experiments. Because of its microgravity environment, unique research can be done in fields as wide-ranging as biology, physics, and astronomy that would not be possible on Earth.

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