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Electronic Filing

E-filing has many benefits that have made this system of tax preparation increasingly popular in recent years. The taxpayer can file a tax return from the comfort of home, at any convenient time, once the tax agency begins accepting returns. Reimbursements for overpayments are received much faster than those for paper filings. Share Your Free File Experience​​​​.If you have a comment or suggestion about the IRS Free File Program contact us at This mailbox only handles suggestions, feedback or concerns about the Free File program.

Effective April 1, 2013, theBSA E-Filing Systemwill no longer accept filings of previous versions or “legacy” reports. The BSA E-Filing System will only accept the new FinCEN SAR, CTR, RMSB, and DOEP reports. FinCEN also reminds the public that the filing of the new reports do not create any new obligations or otherwise change existing statutory and regulatory expectations of financial institutions. If you need to file an amendment or correction of a filing submitted on a previous version or “legacy” report, the amendment or correction must be completed using the new FinCEN version of the report. To receive the various benefits received from E-Filing, FinCEN encourages individuals to E-File FBARs electronically and has made that option available at theBSA E-Filing website. However, FinCEN granted a general exemption for mandatory E-Filing for the FBAR until June 30, 2013.

FinCEN has additionally prepared aninstructional presentationon how to file electronically. Self-represented parties may, but are not required to register for electronic filing, but must comply with this rule and the requirements of TrueFiling if they elect to register. Attorneys are required to register with TrueFiling for both filing documents in the court and for receipt of documents issued by the court. System outages are posted on this website, Facebook and Twitter.

Always remember to print your return after you successfully file online. If you forget to print your return, you can order a free transcript. Depending on the type of transcript you request, you’ll get more or less of the information from your return. Find what you need to get started, your protections and security, available forms and more about IRS Free File below.


When the eFile system is unavailable, please check back periodically. If you are unable to meet a deadline due to a technical difficulty, file the document using the soonest available electronic or nonelectronic means. The filing is not timely unless the court determines it to be timely. Returns requiring taxpayers to file other forms not on ADOR’s “Accepted Electronic Filing Forms” list. Arizona has moved the individual income taxes deadline to May 17, 2021, without penalties and interest. The deadline for first quarter tax year 2021 individual estimated tax payments remains April 15, 2021. If you have questions about what type of case to file, what forms to use, or how to complete the forms, you must consult with an attorney.

For questions about your Free File tax return or tax law contact your provider’s customer service. Non-Free File topics submitted will not receive a response.

Court Forms

You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete court forms. Click on the tax type to be directed to the information on how to file and pay online. NextGen CM/ECF features single sign-on functionality that gives users access to both PACER and electronic filing from a single account.

If you timely file Form 4868, you have until October 15 to timely file your return. If October 15 falls on a weekend or legal holiday, you have until midnight the next business day following October 15 to timely file your tax return. If April 15 falls on a weekend or legal holiday, you have until midnight the next business day following April 15 to timely file either Form 4868 or your tax return. Use commercial tax prep software to prepare and file your taxes. Four retained earnings options for individual taxpayers are listed below.

The IRS has partnered with many companies to provide electronic filing to the public. However, the IRS doesn’t endorse or approve any particular software for IRS e-file.

Electronic Filing

A committee must include a signed copy of the signature page of its report with their filing if the committee files by CD. The committee can choose to mail a signed paper copy of the signature page along with your CD or include a separate digitized summary page on the CD. Any problem — be it technical or a matter of non-familiarity with software — can be difficult to deal with during the rush of a deadline. Committees can choose to either upload your filing electronically or submit a report on a CD.

Get details on the new tax deadlines and on coronavirus tax relief and Economic Impact Payments. The income summary deadlines for individuals to file and pay most federal income taxes are extended to May 17, 2021.

Rules & Policies

Note that such committees must file electronically for the calendar year in which they exceeded the threshold. If a committee actually exceeds the $50,000 threshold during a calendar year, it must file electronically for the remainder of that calendar year. A committee also automatically has reason to expect to exceed the threshold during the next two calendar years and must file electronically in those years as well. Janet Berry-Johnson is a CPA with 10 years of experience in public accounting and writes about income taxes and small business accounting. Your information is protected from any unauthorized access while it is sent to the IRS.

Are you filing return of income under seventh?

The Central Board of Direct Taxes mandates everyone to file the income tax return if one’s income exceeds the basic exemption limit. Filing an income tax return every year on time has many benefits even if your annual income is below the minimum taxable limit.

Electronic filing allow us to process returns and payments quickly and efficiently, saving state money. Free File Fillable Forms are electronic federal tax forms you can fill out and file online for free. If you choose this option, you should know how to prepare your own tax return. Please note, it is the only IRS Free File option available for taxpayers whose income is greater than $72,000. If you need additional time to file beyond the May 17 deadline, you can request a filing extension until October 15 by filing Form 4868 through your tax professional, tax software or using Free File. Filing Form 4868 gives you until October 15 to file your 2020 tax return but does not grant an extension of time to pay taxes due.

To start filing electronically, filers need an FEC ID; registration requirements vary by committee type. Attorneys and other filers can submit files to the court electronically using the federal courts’ Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) system. The Internal Revenue Service is the U.S. federal agency that oversees the collection of taxes—primarily income taxes—and the enforcement of tax laws. Free File fillable tax forms are electronic versions of the federal tax forms which can be downloaded from the site.

Free File partner companies may not disclose or use tax return information for purposes other than tax return preparation without your informed and voluntary consent. These companies are also subject to the Federal Trade Commission Privacy and Safeguards Rules and IRS e-file regulations.

  • E-filing has many benefits that have made this system of tax preparation increasingly popular in recent years.
  • Below are the taxes and fees for which the department currently requires online filing.
  • Reimbursements for overpayments are received much faster than those for paper filings.
  • The IRS provided the Telefile service from 1997 to 2005 to allow taxpayers using form 1040EZ to phone in their tax returns.
  • We do not provide technical support of software products.

You can check the status of your refund online or by calling us. Refusal to purchase or use required software or computer equipment does not qualify as undue financial hardship.

Maine Revenue Services

MeF is a web-based system that allows electronic filing of tax returns through the Internet. MeF uses the widely accepted Extensible Markup Language format. The IRS recommends that taxpayers e-file their taxes without help from a professional or tax prep service only if they are comfortable doing their own taxes. There are a number of circumstances that may cause an electronic filing to be rejected. These include a blank box that the taxpayer failed to fill in or an error in the forms that the taxpayer received. If all else fails and the deadline looms, send in a paper return instead.

To better validate taxpayers’ identities to help detect tax refund fraud, we’re now asking for valid driver license or state-issued identification card information on personal income tax returns. Driver license information is not required, but return processing could be delayed if it’s not provided.

Electronic Filing

The department is not affiliated with any software companies and we do not endorse any products, but we provide a list of software providers who offer electronic filing solutions. Electronic filing is the filing of an electronic document in lieu of a paper original and any required paper copies with the reviewing court. You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete court forms electronically.

The following software may allow you to prepare and file your income tax returns for free. Eligibility varies by product and depends on your income and other factors.

Most documents that are submitted electronically will be made available on the Court’s public docket free of charge. Filings from pro se parties are submitted only on paper, but will be scanned and made available electronically on the Court’s docket. Additional information about the system is available in the documents below. Any other questions on these issues can be directed to the Clerk’s Office at or FinCEN has also made the option electronic filing available for Form 8300, Report of Cash Payments Over $10,000 Received in a Trade or Business.

Author: Jody Linick