Audiences losing interest in radio DJs?

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

The Funkmaster lookin’ pretty fresh. I mean, read his hat for crying out loud!

Every December, my parents drag me on a road trip up North to San Francisco, and every year there’s a fight over who controls the radio! Well, we used to fight… until everyone in my family got an iPod.

Listening to music you’ve personally chosen and placed on a playlist is so much easier than constantly changing the station. Anyways, with so many people using their mp3 players, it’s no surprise that the radio industry is slowly dying!

But, have no fear… New York’s hottest DJ, Funkmaster Flex, shared a few solutions at the recent San Francisco “MusicTech” Summit!

“It’s [the radio business] not paying attention to where people are getting their music from, where people are listening to music — your phone has replaced your Walkman and your computer,” he said. Instead of complaining about the declining amount of listeners and viewers, Flex has developed two very different programs for audiences! Oh yeah, and we’re talking about the newest modern technology: his internet website and iPhone application that attracted 30,000 downloads on the first day.

Okay, have you ever seen old school pictures of your dad or uncle strolling through the city with a huge boombox on their shoulder? Well, it’s silly to imagine anyone walking around with enormous speakers nowadays, when they can just download an app directly to their phone. It’s not only simpler – it weighs a whole lot less! So, we’re going to say the Funkmaster is totally on point about upgrading the radio business with mobile tech.

Because apps are so easy to access, it may seem like DJs should prepare for dinosaur-like extinction. However, Funkmaster says they just need to take advantage of the internet. According to him, the key to success is “giving… fans what they want.” For example, the Funky man and his producers are constantly checking their online website to see what links people are clicking. “The best part … is when we put Google Analytics on there, we started to see what was reacting, what people liked. […] I was starting to learn it was a different world — radio hits and internet hits, I started to see the difference,” he explained.

Pretty much, Funkmaster Flex is moving the radio business forward and creating a promising future for an otherwise dying industry! If people are spending less time listening to the radio in their cars or at home, then why not make the music closer to their fingertips? Like, literally in the palm of their hand or pants pocket. This all might seem very obvious to basic web users, but there’s a surprising number of radio DJs who apparently just don’t get it!

Images courtesy of Funkmaster Flex.