Tom Clancy passes away into mystery

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Tom Clancy author
Mild-mannered Tom Clancy certainly seems to know an awful lot about top secret military stuff. Hmmm. Surely he wouldn’t just pass away in the quiet of the night? No doubt his loyal fans will wonder for years to come if the author was finally silenced for filling his latest military thriller was just a touch too many hidden gems. One day, there just might be a book about Clancy’s behind-the-scenes missions that’ll make James Bond seem like an amateur!

Tom Clancy, probably the most famous military novel author, died October 1 in Baltimore at the age of 66. Before he climbed to international fame for his thrilling tales of spies, world-threatening villains, and high-tech military missions, Tom Clancy sold insurance in Maryland.

Or perhaps, that’s just what he told people. Perhaps… Tom Clancy’s incredibly detailed, behind-the-scenes knowledge of soldiering was from personal experience. Who would ever suspect a mild-mannered “insurance” agent to be… a government agent?

After all, the cause of Clancy’s death has not been revealed by his publisher, G.P. Putnam’s Sons. Perhaps some old Russian enemy of his finally caught up to the author in the dark of night. As the author sipped on his wine, staring into the crackling fireplace, perhaps some evil mastermind made sure that Clancy would take a nap… and never awaken once again.

Before Clancy’s mysterious passing into the great adventure beyond, his thick books made billions of dollars. Popular tales included The Hunt for Red October, Clear and Present Danger, and Patriot Games, all of which led to successful movie versions featuring major actors like Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, and Alec Baldwin. Even the video games industry has profited from the genius of Clancy, with dozens of Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell titles.

It’s no surprise that the author who claims to just “connect the dots” to get a hold of all his secret info, has written 17 #1 New York Times bestsellers. His keen eye for specifics and true-to-life background is blended with emotional, completely believable characters, drawing readers in deeply. He will certainly be missed, but I have no doubt that in the shadows… the puppet masters who pull the strings of the world are breathing a sigh of relief!

Featured image courtesy of Chris Drumm on Flickr. Image of Tom Clancy courtesy of Tom Clancy Facebook.